The market for wearable devices, such as smartwatches and smart patches, has witnessed substantial growth, with consumer spending projected to reach nearly $100 billion. Bangalore-based tech startup Stellapps aims to revolutionize the wearables market by introducing their innovative device called “mooON,” which acts as a Fitbit for cattle. Stellapps empowers farmers by merging data on cows’ activity levels from farmers and veterinarians through a smartphone app, providing timely reminders for regular protocols. This effective management contributes to higher milk yields. Stellapps’ advanced technology is presently employed by three million dairy farmers in India, spanning 36,000 villages, resulting in a remarkable daily milk production of over 13.5 million liters.

In October 2021, the company secured $18 million in funding. Stellapps leverages technology to improve various facets of India’s dairy industry, including assessing milk’s nutritional content, establishing standardized pricing, monitoring milk volume to prevent dilution or theft, and ensuring traceability from farm to processing plant. India, being the world’s largest milk producer, faces challenges due to dairy operations that are not industrialized and primarily consist of small-scale farmers with limited cattle. Stellapps monetizes its product by partnering with cooperatives and service providers, adopting an indirect revenue model instead of directly charging farmers.