Zephalto, a French company, is introducing Celeste, a revolutionary dining experience combined with a high-altitude balloon journey. Unlike traditional restaurants, Celeste will feature a rotating team of chefs who can create their own menus, allowing for creativity and personalized guest experiences. Some chefs may serve the meal before the balloon journey, adding a mysterious twist. To ensure safety and expertise, Zephalto worked with France’s space agency, CNES, and partnered with Airbus. The balloon used for Celeste will be helium-powered and meet rigorous European Aviation Safety Agency certifications.

Zephalto has conducted three test flights and plans to conduct a full journey test later this year. Flights will be open to all ages without any training necessary, making them accessible to anyone. Although initially starting in France, Zephalto has ambitious global expansion plans. With its emphasis on creative freedom, safety, and partnerships with famous organizations, Celeste promises an exceptional dining experience. Zephalto’s successful test flights, partnerships, and future goals demonstrate their commitment to making Celeste an extraordinary and accessible adventure for all.