Celeste, an innovative luxury dining experience combined with a high-altitude balloon journey, is set to revolutionize the culinary world. Zephalto, a French company, intends to create a unique dining adventure by featuring a rotating roster of culinary masters who will be free to create their own menus. The goal is to provide a personalized guest experience. Some chefs may decide to serve the meal before the journey begins to add a mysterious twist to the concept. To ensure safety, Zephalto has partnered with France’s space agency and a famous aviation company. The balloon that will be used for Celeste will be powered by helium and will be required to meet the same European Aviation Safety Agency certifications as commercial aircraft.

Zephalto has already conducted three partially piloted test flights, with plans to conduct a full journey test later this year. People of all ages can join the flights, and no prior training is necessary for this extraordinary gastronomic adventure. Initially, Celeste will launch from France, but Zephalto plans to expand its operations worldwide. Zephalto’s commitment to creative freedom, safety, and accessibility is evident in its successful test flights, partnerships with known organizations, and ambitious plans for global expansion. Celeste promises to provide an exceptional and elegant dining experience that will be accessible to everyone, making it a truly remarkable and unforgettable adventure.