Dubai has announced an extraordinary project called Dubai Reefs, aiming to create the world’s largest ocean restoration site. The ambitious plan involves constructing a vast artificial reef spanning 77 square miles, providing a habitat for over one billion corals and 100 million mangrove trees. URB, a sustainable city developer in Dubai, leads the initiative. The project envisions floating residences, hotels, shops, eco-lodges, and a marine institute dedicated to ocean research and conservation to promote environmental sustainability and marine education for tourists.

URB is committed to ensuring environmental friendliness. The site will be powered entirely by renewable energy from sources like solar, hydropower, and wave farms. They also intend to establish seaweed and oyster farms for sustainable food production. The project is scheduled for completion by 2040, but challenges remain, such as securing private funding and ensuring accessibility for people of all income levels. They emphasize an entrepreneurial approach to coastal city planning. Dubai Reefs aims to become a model for marine conservation, eco-tourism, and ocean-based living, fostering a resilient destination that enhances food security, generates ocean-based energy, and promotes a greener economy.