Dubai has announced plans for a project called Dubai Reefs, an ambitious endeavor that involves building a massive artificial reef spanning 77 square miles. This ocean restoration project aims to provide a home for over one billion corals and 100 million mangrove trees. The project is being led by URB, a green city developer based in Dubai. URB intends to incorporate various elements into the project, such as floating residential and hospitality facilities, retail spaces, eco-lodges, and a marine institute dedicated to ocean research and conservation. The goal is to create a tourism destination that promotes environmental sustainability and marine education.

To ensure the project’s eco-friendliness, URB plans to power the site with 100% renewable energy from sources like solar, hydropower, and wave farms. They also aim to establish seaweed and oyster farms to produce food sustainably. Dubai Reefs is projected to be completed by 2040. However, URB acknowledges that there will be challenges, particularly in securing private funding and ensuring accessibility for people of all income levels. The vision for Dubai Reefs extends beyond ocean restoration; it aims to become a model for marine conservation, ecotourism, and ocean-based living. Ultimately, the project seeks to create a resilient destination that enhances food security, generates energy from the ocean, and promotes a greener economy.