A project used special equipment to create an exact digital copy of the Titanic, the famous ship that sank a long time ago. This involved scientists who used advanced techniques to map the wreck deep under the sea. It is the biggest project of its kind ever done. The goal was to find out more about what happened to the people on the ship when it sank in 1912. The scientists were very careful and made sure not to disturb the wreck.

They recorded every detail of the debris field, which is a large area where pieces of the ship are scattered. The result is a digital copy that shows both the front and back parts of the ship, which separated when it sank. Engineers now have real data they can use to understand how the ship broke apart and sank. This brings us closer to knowing the true story of what happened. The scientists took a lot of pictures and collected a huge amount of data. The information they gathered will help us understand this historic tragedy better than ever before.