Europe is seeking greener options for short-distance travel due to the “flight shame” movement. Progress has been made, but turning Europe’s air transport into a train-focused system is still a distant goal. France and Austria have taken measures to limit short-distance flights, but their impact is limited. Emissions from flights contribute significantly to climate change. Despite aviation’s growth and projected emission increases, European countries are considering more restrictions on short-distance flights to address public opinion and the environment. However, critics argue that the focus should also be on reducing emissions from long-distance flights.

Rail travel in Europe has improved with new high-speed routes and better efficiency. Challenges like high prices and limited schedules prevent the shift from air to rail. To encourage more rail travel, suggestions include better connections between trains and airports, combined tickets, and increased competition. The debate on reducing emissions from the aviation industry continues, and clean flight technology holds promise for short-distance flights. As the climate crisis progresses, discussions will consider environmental, social, economic, political, and technological factors.