Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers crossed paths by chance in Vietnam, igniting a remarkable journey together. In 2014, Anna captured Tom’s playful sand sledding mishap on her GoPro camera, and their shared love for adventure and travel sparked an instant connection. Anna, 26 at the time, funded her travels by teaching in the Philippines, while Tom, a recent aerospace engineering graduate, embarked on a year-long travel expedition.

Just days later, they reunited in Vietnam’s Dalat, where their bond grew stronger as they explored and exchanged stories. Taking a leap of faith, they embarked on a spontaneous motorbike adventure through Vietnam, with Anna’s research uncovering hidden gems and Tom bringing her ideas to life. Despite a temporary parting, they reunited in Thailand, realizing the depth of their connection. Living together in Manila, they embraced new experiences and shared their cultures. Overcoming challenges, they built a successful travel blog called Adventure in You, stepping away from being social media influencers to focus on their affiliate site and team.

While considering settling down, their love for exploration remains unwavering. Their engagement in Turkey marked a significant milestone, and they plan to celebrate their experiences with a wedding in Greece. Wherever they choose to call home, Anna and Tom envision a future brimming with shared adventures, cherishing the joy of experiencing the world side by side.