Anna and Tom met in Vietnam in 2014. Anna was sledding down a sand dune when she saw Tom tumble down another dune. She caught the funny moment on her camera. They instantly connected over their love for fun and travel. Anna funded her travels by teaching in the Philippines, while Tom had recently finished studying aerospace engineering.

Fate brought them together again in Vietnam, and they had a wonderful time. They went on a fun motorbike adventure across Vietnam and made unforgettable memories. They met again in Thailand and realized their bond was strong. Even though Anna was going back home soon, Tom visited her in the Philippines. They lived together in Manila and had amazing experiences. They started a successful blog called Adventure in You and traveled to over 50 countries. Recently, they got engaged during a romantic hot air balloon ride in Turkey and are planning a wedding in Greece.

Anna and Tom love traveling together and trying new things. Their unexpected reunion in Vietnam was special, and they’re excited for more adventures in the future, making new memories along the way.