The US Navy is having difficulty keeping up with China’s growing fleet of warships, which is currently the largest in the world. China can build three warships in the time it takes the US to build one. Experts have suggested a solution: the US could work together with its allies in South Korea and Japan. These countries are good at building high-quality and cost-effective warships that are better than China’s. But right now, US law doesn’t allow the Navy to buy ships from foreign countries because they are concerned about security and want to protect the shipbuilding industry in the US.
China’s warships are more powerful. For example, their Type 055 destroyers beat US Navy destroyers. To solve this, the US Navy should buy destroyers like South Korea’s Sejong-class or Japan’s Maya-class, which are better than China’s ships and are cheaper too. Even though there are legal and security challenges, working together with these allies could help the US Navy catch up with China. By forming partnerships and using their efficient production methods, the US can counter China’s growing fleet.