An Israeli startup called Steakholder Foods has used a 3D printer to make fish fillets that are grown in labs instead of being caught from the ocean. Steakholder Foods has a special process where cells change into muscle or fat cells. These cells are then turned into edible ink and put into the printer. This lets them make different kinds of meat that people can choose from. The company believes that in the next ten years, they will be able to make meat that tastes and feels just like the real thing.

Fish are being caught too much, and raising farm animals causes a lot of pollution. Cultivated meat and seafood are a better solution because they are grown in labs. Some people might not be sure about trying this new kind of meat, but experts say that making it taste better, giving it more nutrition, and making it last longer could help. This new industry could make it easier for everyone to have meat and seafood, no matter where they live.