The beluga whale named Hvaldimir has arrived in Swedish waters after swimming along the Norwegian coast for four years. OneWhale, an organization dedicated to protecting the whale, reported the sighting and praised Sweden for taking steps to keep Hvaldimir safe. The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries confirmed that Hvaldimir has been traveling along the Norwegian coast, occasionally stopping at fish farms to eat. The whale is friendly with boats and enjoys playing with people onboard.

Concerns arose when Hvaldimir approached Oslo, a densely populated area, increasing the risk of harm from human contact. Experts believe Hvaldimir is a trained animal because of the special harness he wore, which had markings and camera mounts saying “”Equipment St. Petersburg.”” There are allegations that the whale originated in Russia and might have been trained by the Russian Navy for military tasks. Although Hvaldimir faces challenges in Sweden due to the high population density, OneWhale and the Swedish authorities are committed to ensuring the whale’s well-being. Hvaldimir’s presence in Scandinavian waters highlights the interest and concerns regarding the potential involvement of marine animals in military activities.