India’s tourism is doing well because more people are traveling and the country is investing a lot of money in airports. The government plans to spend $11.9 billion by 2025 to improve and build airports all over the country. One exciting project is the Noida International Airport, which will be the biggest airport in Asia when it’s finished in 2024. These improvements, like airports and terminals, are very important for India’s tourism to grow.

More Indians travel abroad due to private airlines and government investments. While low-cost carriers like Go First struggle with competition and low profits, airlines like Air India, owned by Tata Sons, provide affordable flights and expand services. This has made Air India the second-largest domestic airline and the largest for international flights in India. More Indians are exploring different countries, according to Agoda. In 2019, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia were popular. Now, more Indians are going to Europe, like France and Switzerland. They also visit Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. However, fewer Indians are traveling to Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, possibly because they are far away and less known.