HotSat-1, an advanced satellite from California, improves energy efficiency in UK buildings. Developed by Satellite Vu, it studies how buildings use energy, saving money. More satellites acting as “sky thermometers” provide temperature data for different places. HotSat-1 identifies heat-contributing areas like parking lots, aiding city planners in planting trees for cooler cities. This data helps businesses make smarter decisions. HotSat-1 is a big step towards greener buildings, supporting the UK’s climate goals. With more satellites, exciting uses for temperature data are expected, creating a sustainable future through space technology.

HotSat-1 is a big step forward in making buildings greener and saving energy. By finding areas that need improvement and providing useful information, it helps homeowners save money and supports the UK’s climate goals. With more satellites from Satellite Vu, we can expect even more exciting ways to use temperature data. HotSat-1 is leading the way to a future where space technology helps us create a more sustainable world.