HotSat-1 is an advanced satellite that was recently launched from California. Its mission is to help the United Kingdom improve energy efficiency in buildings. Developed by Satellite Vu, this small satellite has a special sensor that can look at individual rooftops and walls from space. By studying how buildings use energy, HotSat-1 provides important information to make them more efficient and save money. The team at Satellite Vu, led by CEO Anthony Baker, understands the importance of using data to find buildings that use too much energy. They plan to launch more satellites that act like “thermometers in the sky.” These satellites will give us information about how hot or cold different places are. HotSat-1 can also find places like parking lots that make cities hotter. This helps city planners decide where to plant trees and makes cities cooler. It also helps businesses like banks and insurance companies make better decisions using temperature data.

HotSat-1 is a big step towards making buildings greener and saving energy. By finding areas that need improvement and giving useful information, it helps homeowners save money and supports the UK’s goals for the climate. With more satellites from Satellite Vu, we can expect even more exciting uses for temperature data. HotSat-1 is leading the way to a future where space technology helps us create a more sustainable world.