Professor LeCun, an AI expert at Meta, doesn’t view AI as a threat to humans. He thinks concerns are exaggerated, and if AI is found to be unsafe, humans will stop developing it. Professor LeCun prioritizes AI’s safety and usefulness over fear.

People worry about advanced AI systems, called artificial general intelligence (AGI), solving problems like humans. But Professor LeCun thinks these concerns are silly. Even if AGI becomes as smart as a rat, it will be supervised and can be turned off. It won’t be created if it’s unsafe. Professor LeCun wants to highlight that worries about AGI overpowering humans lack a factual basis.

AI’s impact on jobs is a hot topic. Professor LeCun says AI won’t permanently remove many jobs. Work may change, but it’s hard to predict which jobs will be more important in the future. Instead of worrying about job losses, Professor LeCun sees AI as a chance for progress, like the internet or printing press. Rules are being discussed for different AI uses, like cars or medical imaging.