Professor LeCun, an AI expert at Meta, doesn’t believe AI poses a threat to humanity. He thinks concerns about AI are exaggerated and unnecessary. If AI is found to be unsafe, the development won’t be pursued. He reassures us that computers surpassing human intelligence are a distant future. Rather than fearing AI, Professor LeCun emphasizes the importance of ensuring its safety and benefits.

Many people worry about a future in which advanced AI systems, called artificial general intelligence (AGI), can solve problems like humans. Professor LeCun finds the notion of these systems swiftly dominating the world to be ridiculous. Even if AGI becomes as smart as a rat, it will be supervised in data centers and can be turned off. If the conclusion is that it’s unsafe, it won’t be brought into existence. Professor LeCun wants to highlight that concerns about AGI overpowering humanity lack a factual basis.

AI’s impact on jobs is a topic of great interest and discussion. According to Professor LeCun, AI won’t permanently eliminate a large number of jobs. While the nature of work may change, it’s difficult to predict which jobs will become more prominent in the future. Instead of focusing on job losses, Professor LeCun sees AI as an opportunity for human progress, akin to the transformative effects of the internet or printing press. There are ongoing discussions about creating tailored rules and regulations for different AI applications, such as cars or medical imaging.