Professor LeCun, a leading figure in AI who works for Meta (the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp), strongly disagreed with the idea that AI poses a threat to humanity. He called such concerns “ridiculously exaggerated.” He pointed out that if we ever find AI unsafe, we simply won’t develop it. He reassured that while computers may become more intelligent than humans in the future, that day is far away. Instead of fearing AI, Professor LeCun believes it’s essential to focus on making it safe and beneficial.

Some people worry about a future with advanced AI systems known as artificial general intelligence (AGI) that could potentially solve a wide range of problems as humans do. Professor LeCun dismissed the notion that such systems could quickly take over the world, calling it “absurd.” Even if AGI reaches the intelligence level of a rat, it will be under control in data centers with an off switch. If it’s deemed unsafe, we simply won’t create it. Professor LeCun emphasized that concerns about AGI overpowering humanity are unfounded.

The impact of AI on jobs has sparked intense interest and discussion. Professor LeCun affirmed that AI won’t permanently eliminate a large number of jobs. While work may change, predicting future job prominence is challenging. Instead of focusing on job losses, Professor LeCun sees AI as an opportunity for human progress, akin to the transformative effects of the internet or printing press. In terms of regulations, tailored rules for various AI applications, like cars or medical imaging, are being discussed.