New Zealand is committed to protecting its native bird population by aiming to eliminate rats and other predators from the entire country by 2050. This goal reflects the nation’s strong dedication to preserving its unique wildlife. In Miramar, near Wellington, an inspiring example of this nationwide effort can be seen. Passionate volunteers from Predator-Free Miramar gather on sunny Sundays with determination. Wearing bright jackets and armed with bait and poison, they aim to get rid of every rat. They diligently check traps and bait boxes, relying on a GPS app for updates. Although their progress brings hope, finding a trapped rat reminds them of the ongoing challenge they face.

New Zealand is dedicated to preserving its biodiversity by removing predators that have harmed native bird species. With a deadline of 2050, the government is embarking on an unprecedented journey. Due to its isolation, New Zealand’s native birds are vulnerable to introduced pests. The loss of native species is a result of invasive mammals and human settlements. Despite the challenges, New Zealand remains determined to restore ecological balance and protect its bird treasures.