China is getting ready for a big space mission called Chang’e-6, which will happen next year. This mission is super important because it wants to collect special things from the part of the moon that we haven’t explored before. China’s space experts have been working really hard to make sure everything goes well. They will even send a special satellite before the mission to help with communication.

China has big dreams for space! They want to send people to the moon within ten years and create a special research place there. The Chang’e-6 mission aims to discover new things about the moon, which will help scientists a lot. China is also inviting friends from other countries to join the Chang’e-8 mission in 2028. They want to work together in space and learn more about the moon. China is planning to make a permanent research spot on the moon’s south pole by 2040. This shows that China is very serious about space, and they want to be friends with the whole world in this exciting adventure.