White roofs, also known as “cool roofs,” are changing the lives of people in Indian slums. These roofs are painted white to reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it, which keeps the insides of houses cooler. This helps families, especially women, feel more comfortable and relieved from the intense heat.

The impact of white roofs goes beyond just providing relief from the heat. They also reduce the need for power-hungry cooling devices, leading to lower electricity bills. Additionally, they require less maintenance, which saves money in the long run. This means families can spend their hard-earned money on other essential needs. Moreover, white roofs create a better environment for women to carry out their daily household tasks. With cooler temperatures inside, it becomes easier for them to cook, clean, and take care of their families.

Overall, the introduction of white roofs in Indian slums is a game-changer. It tackles the challenges caused by heat, improves living conditions, and inspires positive change. This simple solution demonstrates how, even in difficult circumstances, small ideas can make a big impact on communities.