Nickel mining in Indonesia is harming the traditional lifestyle of the Bajau people and damaging the coastal environment. Indonesia is the top nickel producer globally, but mining has raised concerns about its impact on nature. Labengki Island is at risk of sea contamination from nearby mines, affecting the island and marine life. About 50 mining companies in North Konawe Regency have caused deforestation, open pits, and increased flooding and landslides. The use of chemicals harms coral reefs due to sedimentation. Local fishermen like Lukman can no longer fish near their homes due to murky waters. While compensation helps temporarily, there are worries about long-term environmental effects.

Illegal mining worsens soil erosion and pollution, despite government regulations. Strengthening law enforcement and environmental standards is crucial to addressing mining’s damage. Urgent action is needed to prevent irreversible harm to the Bajau people and their marine ecosystems. As nickel demand grows, finding a balance between development and preservation is vital.