In the enchanting setting of Gatorland Park in Florida, a truly extraordinary alligator has found a loving home, capturing the hearts of both visitors and locals. This unique gator, named “Jawlene” as a touching tribute to Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” has become a beloved resident. Jawlene, a female alligator, is receiving specialized care from the devoted crocodilian enrichment coordinator, Savannah Boan. The community played a significant role in choosing her name, highlighting the collective desire to see this remarkable reptile thrive. Jawlene’s journey is a testament to the dedication of the park’s team and the alligator’s remarkable resilience. She has gained a slight weight of approximately 0.01 ounces, thanks to the team’s unwavering commitment to her comfort and well-being.

CEO Mark McHugh of Gatorland shared heartwarming news about Jawlene’s progress. She can now self-feed by independently consuming two mice using the back of her tongue. While discussions about fitting Jawlene with a prosthetic upper jaw have arisen, the park’s administration wisely decided to postpone such measures. Their primary focus is to ensure that Jawlene fully adjusts to her new home and attains the necessary weight for a healthier future. Mark McHugh’s deep affection for this remarkable alligator reinforces her role as a symbol of resilience and hope at Gatorland Park, demonstrating the enduring commitment of both the park’s team and the broader community to her well-being.