Uncover, a Kenyan skincare innovator, bridges beauty gaps in Africa. Combining Korean craftsmanship with African treasures like green tea, shea butter, and aloe vera, they redefine skincare for black skin. Uncover uses special ingredients like green tea (which reduces redness), shea butter (which moisturizes and supports local economies), and aloe vera (which provides sun protection without a white cast) to enhance their skincare products. African-inspired beauty brands are gaining popularity in the UK for their unique ingredients, eco-friendly practices, and fair treatment of workers, catering to customer values. This is happening because people in the UK are starting to think more about the things they buy and want to support brands that do good things. It’s interesting that people from all kinds of backgrounds in the UK spend about £4.5 billion every year on beauty and hair products, and a big part of that, £2.7 billion, goes to these special items. This big market is making African-inspired beauty brands grow quickly in the UK.