Uncover, a Kenyan skincare brand, aims to address the lack of products for black skin in the rapidly growing African beauty market. While their cosmetics are manufactured in South Korea, they incorporate African-grown ingredients like green tea leaves, shea butter, and aloe vera. These ingredients, such as green tea for its anti-inflammatory properties, shea butter for moisturizing and economic benefits, and aloe vera for non-whitening sunscreen, enhance both inclusivity and effectiveness in their skincare line. In recent years, African-inspired beauty brands have become really popular in the UK. These brands are attracting a lot of attention because they use special ingredients and traditional methods in their products. People also love them because they offer more diverse and inclusive beauty choices. Many people nowadays are looking for ethical and eco-friendly products. African-inspired brands are leaders in this area, promoting fair trade and environmentally friendly practices. They also bring a rich cultural background to the beauty world, giving us a new way to think about beauty.

Why is this happening? Well, people in the UK are becoming more conscious of what they buy, and they want to support brands that do good things. Interestingly, people with different backgrounds in the UK have a lot of money to spend, around £4.5 billion every year, with a big chunk of that, £2.7 billion, going to hair and beauty stuff. That’s why African-inspired beauty brands are growing so fast.