Uncover, a skincare brand from Kenya, is on a mission to solve the problem of not having enough beauty products designed for black skin in the rapidly expanding African beauty market. Their skincare products may be made in South Korea, but they cleverly blend in ingredients from Africa, such as green tea leaves, shea butter, and aloe vera. These ingredients have special qualities, like green tea’s ability to reduce inflammation, shea butter’s talent for keeping skin moist and its economic benefits, and aloe vera’s skill at providing non-whitening sun protection. By using these ingredients, Uncover is making its skincare products more diverse and effective. African-inspired beauty brands are on the rise in the UK, gaining popularity for their unique ingredients, traditional methods, and inclusive options. These brands also champion ethical and eco-friendly practices, promoting fair trade and sustainability while adding a rich cultural dimension to beauty and reshaping our perception of it.

This phenomenon is occurring because people in the UK are becoming more conscious of their purchases and want to support brands that make a positive impact. Interestingly, people from various backgrounds in the UK collectively spend approximately £4.5 billion each year on beauty and hair products, with a significant portion, £2.7 billion, allocated to these items. This substantial market is driving the rapid growth of African-inspired beauty brands in the UK.