In September 2023, something very important happened regarding the Earth’s temperature. It became the hottest month ever recorded. This happened for the fourth time in a row. It got 0.5 degrees Celsius hotter than it did in 2020, which was the last record. So, this year, 2023, might become the hottest year ever. Samantha Burgess, who works at Copernicus, is worried about this. She mentions that it’s quite uncommon for this season. This makes people concerned about our climate goals and more crazy weather.

The world saw extreme heat in September, matching a typical July. It was 0.93°C hotter than the 1991–2020 average and exceeded the Paris Climate Agreement’s 1.5°C limit by 1.75°C. This led to devastating floods, wildfires, and heatwaves in various places. Ocean temperatures hit records, and Antarctic sea ice reached lows. Climate scientist Zeke Hausfather called it “gobsmackingly bananas,” which means unusual. Even in October, parts of Europe remain hot, raising concerns about 2023 being the hottest year ever. This highlights the need to reduce fossil fuel use to combat human-induced climate change, a key topic at the December United Nations meeting.