Australia is experiencing an extremely hot winter, raising concerns at the Australian Reptile Park. This unusual warmth has caused venomous snakes to emerge early due to global warming and increased winter rainfall, leading to more snake-related issues. The Reptile Park emphasizes that snakes don’t intend to harm humans, but most snakebites occur when people try to capture or kill them. It’s crucial not to do this and instead learn how to respond to a snakebite, which can become life-threatening in just 30 minutes. To help, keep the person calm, remove jewelry and watches, bandage the entire limb, and ensure your yard is free of snake-friendly environments like woodpiles.

Global warming is happening because of too much fossil fuel use. Australia and the United Kingdom are both getting hotter. Last month, New South Wales had its fourth-hottest July ever, with the whole country 1.2 degrees hotter than usual. The UK had its hottest June this year. Due to the heat, more pet snakes are escaping in the UK, causing concern for the RSPCA.