In a recent study by Oona Hanson, who helps families, people are worried about lessons about food in schools. These lessons are needed by the state, but they might make students eat in a bad way and not be healthy. Hanson’s study shows that parents have a hard time when their kids learn about food at school, especially if the kids have problems with eating. Some teachers might not know that these lessons can be bad, like a risky road, says Zoë Bisbing, who helps people with eating problems. The risk is that students might learn bad eating habits and not listen to their bodies.

Teaching about food to older kids must be done carefully to stop them from not liking their bodies and to help different kinds of students, like those who think differently, don’t have enough food, or come from different cultures. Experts say it’s important to talk about enjoying food and being social when eating. They say parents are very important in teaching kids about food, and teachers should talk to them to make lessons that are good for everyone and make students healthier.