In 2023, a new upscale airline called Beond started its journey to enhance travel to the beautiful Maldives. Based in Malé, the airline offers a unique experience with narrow-body aircraft and luxurious lie-flat seats inspired by Ferrari cars. The goal is to provide a comfortable and relaxing journey to their dream destination.

Beond strategically chooses direct flights to popular leisure spots like Dubai, Delhi, Japan, South Korea, and China instead of relying on hub connections like other major carriers. This allows travelers to enjoy an uninterrupted and luxurious journey to their paradise retreat. The airline’s exceptional seating arrangement on Airbus A319s and A321s ensures a premium in-flight experience focused on comfort and sophistication. With a commitment to personalized service and catering to affluent leisure seekers, Beond has become a distinctive player in luxury travel. The airline offers attractive prices, starting at approximately $3,000 for a round-trip from Europe to the Maldives, promising an opulent “private jet” feel for all its discerning passengers.