In Thailand, a remarkable electric blue tarantula was recently discovered by scientists. This unique spider was found during an expedition in the Phang-Nga province, located in the southern part of Thailand. The purpose of the expedition was to gain a better understanding of the various types of tarantulas in the region. The researcher, Narin Chomphuphuang from Khon Kaen University, described this newfound species as having a captivating blue-violet color, similar to sparks of electric blue.

A team, including wildlife enthusiast JoCho Sippawat, discovered a special spider in a mangrove forest. They found a new type of tarantula last year, named Taksinus bambus, in bamboo plants. They auctioned the naming rights to support the indigenous Lahu people of northern Thailand. The chosen name, Chilobrachys natanicharum, honors two leaders from the winning company. The spider’s bright blue color comes from tiny structures, not hair color, interacting with light. This species has special metallic-blue and violet hairs on its body. Despite being adaptable, the electric blue tarantula is very rare due to shrinking mangrove forests caused by deforestation.