Recently, a fascinating electric blue tarantula was discovered in Thailand, according to new research. Thai scientists found this special spider during an expedition in the Phang-Nga province in southern Thailand. Their aim was to learn more about the different kinds of tarantulas in the area. Narin Chomphuphuang, a researcher from Khon Kaen University, described this newfound species as having a captivating blue-violet color, similar to sparks of electric blue.

This exciting discovery was shared in a study published on September 18 in the research journal ZooKeys. The team, which included Thai wildlife YouTuber JoCho Sippawat, found the species in a mangrove forest. Just last year, this team also identified another unknown tarantula type, named Taksinus bambus, living in bamboo plants in Thailand. They auctioned the rights to name the new species to bring attention to it and to support the indigenous Lahu people of northern Thailand. The chosen name, Chilobrachys natanicharum, is a tribute to two leaders from the winning company. The tarantula’s bright blue color comes from special, tiny structures, not from pigments in its hair. These structures play with light, creating an impressive blue shade. Blue is rare in nature because it’s hard for objects to absorb and reflect specific light wavelengths. This species has unique metallic-blue and violet hairs on different parts of its body. Although it can adapt well, the electric blue tarantula is very rare because its mangrove forest homes are shrinking due to deforestation.