In Western Australia, a sad situation happened when nearly 100 long-finned pilot whales got stuck on Cheynes Beach. Despite the efforts of many volunteers and experts, 51 whales have already died. The remaining 45 whales got stranded again, and the experts decided to put them to sleep to prevent more suffering.

For Peter Hartley, an experienced wildlife expert, this was a very tough decision in his 34-year career. The team worked hard to lead the whales back to the ocean, but the cold winter waters made it difficult. They are not sure why the whales got stranded, but they showed strange behavior, staying close together before ending up on the beach. This might have been a way to protect themselves from predators or happened because one whale got lost. Pilot whales getting stranded is a common problem worldwide, especially for whales that use sonar to navigate. This shows how vulnerable marine life is and how challenging it is to protect these beautiful creatures.