Many people who care about their health and the well-being of animals are concerned about something important: the excessive use of antibiotics in animals like cows and pigs. This is especially worrying when it comes to providing food to schools and hospitals in the UK. Antibiotics are medicines that help us fight infections, but when they are used too much, they can become less effective. This is a problem not only for the animals but also for us, humans. When animals are given too many antibiotics, they can develop resistance to them, which makes these medicines less useful when we get sick. This is a worldwide issue, and it’s a big deal because we need these medicines to stay healthy. The Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics discovered that 10 major food suppliers in UK schools and hospitals disregard antibiotic use guidelines in animal farming. To safeguard these vital medicines and promote human and animal health, the government must establish and enforce strict rules for these companies, emphasizing collaboration among the government, food firms, and suppliers.