Renowned restaurateur Hisato Hamada, co-founder of the prestigious Wagyumafia brand in Tokyo, has hosted esteemed guests like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, sports icon David Beckham, and musician Ed Sheeran. These celebrities frequented Hamada’s restaurant to relish the finest Kobe beef cuts. Beckham, an avid fan, makes it a ritual to visit whenever he is in Hong Kong or Tokyo. Other notable figures, including movie director Guy Ritchie and Russian DJ Zedd, have also enjoyed the exceptional dining experience.

Wagyumafia offers five unique establishments, including a Chateaubriand sandwich restaurant and a yakiniku restaurant where guests cook their own beef. Hamada’s warm hospitality and lively atmosphere make reservations challenging, but the vibrant environment and optional drinks ensure an unforgettable experience. The Kobe beef served here is sourced from exclusive Tajima cattle, known for their marbled fat and exceptional tenderness. This, along with Hamada’s passion for quality, has contributed to Wagyumafia’s success. Hamada’s culinary innovation extended to introducing Kobe beef sandwiches, garnering global recognition through YouTube and Instagram. Beyond sandwiches, he embarked on a worldwide tour, collaborating with chefs to explore imaginative uses for Kobe beef. Hamada champions infusing fresh vitality into the industry, creating new culinary avenues. The pandemic prompted him to shift focus towards Japan’s smaller producers and artisans, particularly in the sake industry. Acknowledging their struggles during lockdowns, he endeavored to provide them with a platform. This led to the inception of Yatchabar, a venue where premium ingredients are prepared in a convivial setting. Hamada’s mission is to revive the joy of communal dining, emphasizing happiness and togetherness in the culinary experience. With a relaxed outlook, he looks forward to spreading this happiness in the post-Covid era.