Chef Hisato Hamada, a co-founder of Wagyumafia in Tokyo, welcomes famous guests like Jack Dorsey, David Beckham, and Ed Sheeran to his restaurant for delicious Kobe beef cuts. Beckham, in particular, loves to dine there whenever he is in Hong Kong or Tokyo. Movie director Guy Ritchie and Russian DJ Zedd also enjoyed the experience.

Wagyumafia offers five dining options, including a restaurant for special Chateaubriand sandwiches and a yakiniku spot for guests to cook their own beef. The restaurant’s lively atmosphere and tasty drinks make it a memorable dining experience. The Kobe beef comes from exclusive Tajima cattle, and Hamada’s focus on quality has contributed to its success. Hamada is known for his creative Kobe beef sandwiches, which have gained attention on YouTube and Instagram. During the pandemic, Hamada supported smaller Japanese producers and artisans, creating Yatchabar, where top-notch ingredients are prepared in a friendly setting. His goal is to bring back the joy of eating together and highlight happiness in the dining experience.