Scientists have discovered a special look into the old oceans of Earth. They found a well-preserved fossil of a small whale that belonged to the basilosaurid family. This discovery might change how we think about the past marine world. This news was shared in the Scientific Communications  Network journal and helps us learn more about the old ecosystems.

The fossil was found in Egypt, in layers of rock. This small whale, about 10 feet long, surprised scientists because it was saved so well. Before, people thought all basilosaurids were big, but this fossil shows that some were small. Dr. Jane Roberts, the leader scientist, says this is a big discovery. It shows that not all basilosaurids were the same and had different jobs. The fossil has important parts like bones and flippers that help us understand its body and behavior. By studying these parts, scientists can learn how they look and move. This discovery is important for us to learn how different animals lived and worked together in the oceans years ago. It also helps us understand how life changed over many years on Earth.