The Guild of Fine Food recently held the World Cheese Awards, where Nidelven Blå, a Norwegian blue cheese made by Gangstad Gårdsysteri, was named the best cheese in the world. This prestigious award came after a tough competition featuring 4,502 cheeses from various countries, judged by a panel of experts.

Nidelven Blå, the winning cheese, is known for its unique qualities. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk, it’s a semi-solid blue mold cheese famous for its creamy, fudgy texture. This victory showcases the careful craftsmanship of the Gangstad Gårdsysteri dairy. Norway, the host country, saw a record-breaking turnout with 293 entries. The competition, now in its 35th year, has become a prominent stage, displaying cheeses from 43 different countries. This win not only highlights the exceptional quality of Nidelven Blå but also emphasizes the worldwide significance of the World Cheese Awards. The event has grown into a respected platform for artisans and experts in the cheese-making community. The rigorous judging process, which examines aspects like appearance, aroma, texture, flavor, and mouthfeel, ensures that only the most outstanding cheeses receive recognition. The 2023 World Cheese Awards represented the pinnacle of cheese craftsmanship, honoring not just the winning cheese but also the commitment and expertise of cheese makers around the world. This event continues to be a guiding light for excellence in the global cheese industry, cementing its status as the foremost cheese competition worldwide.