The FDA has proposed a nationwide rule banning brominated vegetable oil (BVO) in certain drinks, with California being the first state to implement a special food safety law. BVO has already been banned in Europe and Japan. Research has shown that BVO might not be good for health, so the FDA wants to stop using it in food and drinks.

The FDA reduced the use of BVO in some products in 2012 due to concerns over its safety since 1970. This made companies look for other things to use instead. The FDA’s suggestion is based on studies, mostly on animals, that showed BVO might be bad for an important part of our bodies called the thyroid gland. This is part of the FDA’s job to make sure that food is safe. People can share their thoughts on this rule until January 17. If the rule happens, companies will have some time to change their drinks. The FDA is also looking at the risks of another food color called red dye No. 3, as part of California’s bigger plan to make food safer.