Australian surfer Laura Enever, 31, successfully surfed the largest wave ever in Oahu, Hawaii. The wave was very big—13.3 meters tall. It is a new record for women in surfing. Laura Enever broke Guinness World Records in Narrabeen. She competed in junior competitions and won seven years on the WSL Championship Tour, riding an unprecedented wave that marked her career. The amazing moment was captured on video, which was important to confirm the record. Jessi Miley-Dyer, WSL’s chief of sport, praised Enever’s bravery and dedication. Layne Beachley, a seven-time world surfing champion, also commended the achievement, highlighting the extraordinary nature of riding such a massive wave. Enever’s journey in surfing, with seven seasons on the World Surf League championship tour, not only showcases her personal success but also the progress of female big-wave surfers in breaking barriers. Enever’s accomplishment serves as an inspiration for future generations of female surfers, encouraging them to explore new challenges in this exciting sport.