In a moment filled with eager anticipation, Shanghai Disney Resort embarked on a significant chapter in its entertainment saga by unveiling its enchanting Zootopia-themed attraction on a crisp Wednesday morning. This milestone event represents Disney’s stride into uncharted territory, marking the resort’s debut of a Zootopia-themed site. Situated within the captivating Shanghai Disney Resort, which initially opened its doors in 2016, this new addition enhances the allure of the resort, known for its immersive and family-friendly experiences. Following the success of the Toy Story-themed attraction introduced in 2018, Zootopia, the beloved animated film that graced Chinese cinemas in 2016, now takes center stage in this magical destination. The resort, a source of shared adventures and joy, becomes particularly appealing as domestic travel and experiential pursuits enjoy a notable resurgence post-pandemic.

Walt Disney’s fourth-quarter earnings report reveals a remarkable 31% growth in its Experiences division, including theme parks. The surge is linked to higher attendance at Shanghai and Hong Kong parks, with Shanghai Disney Resort prominently contributing to this positive trend. This success underscores the harmonious partnership between Disney and the Chinese state-owned Shendi Group, which holds a 57% stake in the resort. This collaboration reinforces the resort’s role as a beacon of shared joy and adventure, solidifying its position as a magical destination where immersive experiences come to life.