On a bright Wednesday morning, Shanghai Disney Resort joyfully introduced its new Zootopia-themed attraction, marking a special moment in its entertainment history. This enchanting addition is part of Disney’s journey into new and exciting territories, as it proudly unveils its first-ever Zootopia-themed site within the captivating Shanghai Disney Resort. Since opening in 2016, the resort has been known for its immersive and family-friendly experiences, and this new attraction adds to its charm. Following the success of the Toy Story-themed area in 2018, Zootopia, a beloved animated film in China since 2016, now takes center stage in this magical destination. With a resurgence in domestic travel and experiential pursuits post-pandemic, the resort becomes even more appealing. Walt Disney’s latest earnings report highlights a remarkable 31% growth in its Experiences division, thanks to increased attendance at Shanghai and Hong Kong parks. This success is closely tied to the strong partnership between Disney and the Chinese state-owned Shendi Group, emphasizing the resort’s role as a beacon of shared joy and adventure.