Amidst an air of anticipation, Shanghai Disney Resort unfolded a momentous chapter in its entertainment narrative with the grand unveiling of its enchanting Zootopia-themed attraction on a crisp Wednesday morning. This marks a significant stride for Disney as the resort introduces its first-ever Zootopia-themed site, augmenting the allure of the already captivating Shanghai Disney Resort, which first opened its doors in 2016. The resort had previously expanded its magical offerings in 2018 with the introduction of a captivating Toy Story-themed attraction, solidifying its reputation as a premier destination for immersive and family-friendly experiences. Zootopia, the endearing animated film that graced Chinese cinemas in 2016, has etched its place as one of the highest-grossing imported animated films in the country. This cinematic success has paved the way for the creation of the latest thematic venture within the sprawling grounds of Shanghai Disney Resort. Notably, the resort has become a beacon of joy, drawing visitors seeking shared adventures, especially as domestic travel and experiential pursuits are witnessing a notable resurgence post-pandemic.

The impact of this rekindled enthusiasm for life’s joyful moments was evident in Walt Disney’s recently released fourth-quarter earnings report. A remarkable 31% growth in its Experiences division, which encompasses theme parks, was attributed to the increased attendance at Shanghai and Hong Kong parks, with Shanghai Disney Resort being a standout contributor to this positive trend. In this collaborative venture, the resort stands as a testament to the harmonious partnership between Disney and the Chinese state-owned Shendi Group, which proudly holds a 57% stake, further underscoring the collaborative magic that brings this immersive world to life.