In major cities like New Delhi, a growing concern revolves around increasing air pollution. Recent weather conditions and farm fires have exacerbated this problem. The presence of harmful particles known as PM 2.5 has resulted in the closure of schools and restrictions on outdoor activities, particularly affecting those vulnerable to health issues. Efforts are underway to address this issue, including the implementation of online classes and the use of home air purifiers. However, beyond health implications, the pollution also affects social interactions, making it challenging for people to spend time with friends or engage in outdoor activities. Children, especially, find it difficult to breathe in such conditions. The city is covered in haze due to pollution, causing discomfort in people’s eyes and throats. As a response, schools are being closed, and indoor air purifiers are being used more frequently. However, apart from health concerns, the haze limits outdoor enjoyment and social interactions, reducing the liveliness of the city. To improve the situation, collective efforts are necessary to ensure cleaner air and a better quality of life for the people of New Delhi.