In the wake of a devastating 6.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Moulay Brahim in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains late Friday night, survivors are left grappling with heartache and desperation. The quake, the strongest Morocco has experienced in over a century, has claimed the lives of more than 2,000 individuals, leaving many others missing and presumed trapped beneath the rubble. This picturesque village, located about two hours southwest of Marrakech, has been shattered, with 25 confirmed casualties and countless others unaccounted for. Among those missing are the parents of Sami Sensis, whose family frequented Moulay Brahim for its serene landscapes and warm hospitality. Their hotel, perched on the village’s outskirts, partially collapsed during the earthquake, trapping them inside. Desperation and frustration are mounting for Sensis as he awaits news of his parents. Despite relentless calls from concerned relatives and friends, he remains helpless, unable to even bury his loved ones. The unstable and perilous conditions at the site have compelled the local fire brigade to evacuate the area, leaving families anxiously waiting for any signs of hope.

Rescue efforts face obstacles due to blocked roads with fallen boulders, hindering access to remote areas. Local communities, showing resilience, organize themselves and share resources. Leila Idabdelah bakes flatbread to aid fellow survivors, reflecting their strength and unity. Foreign governments extend assistance, recognized by the Moroccan Interior Ministry. Yet time is critical for Moulay Brahim residents, as each passing hour dims hope of reuniting with loved ones.