Mount Fuji faces a problem with too many visitors. It’s 3,776 meters tall and very special to Japanese people. Lately, there have been too many visitors from Japan and other countries. Even though it became a UNESCO World Heritage site ten years ago and they made rules, things got worse. This summer, the biggest station, “Subaru,” had a big surprise with 4 million visitors, 50% more than in 2013. People online worry about litter and dirty paths. A new fast way of climbing called “bullet climbing” makes things harder. This year, rescuers got 61 calls, 50% more than last year, and a quarter were from non-Japanese. Officials might make strict rules, like a tram system and limits on who can go up. Even though many dream of climbing, too many people need rules to keep the mountain special. Everyone must work together to visit in a way that’s good for the mountain and the future.