Hong Kong had an unusual weather event on Friday. It rained heavily, causing floods, especially in metro stations, and disrupting transportation. Schools closed, and people were told to find safe places. In just one hour, the Hong Kong Observatory recorded 158 mm of rain, the most in a century. Some areas got nearly 500 mm of rain in a day. Despite Typhoon Saola’s weakening, it led to canceled flights and 86 injuries. Transportation and businesses were severely affected, with the stock market halting trading and schools remaining closed. Stuart Hargreaves was stranded in a flooded car. By Friday afternoon, 119 injuries had been reported, with four in serious condition. Authorities warned that these extreme conditions would continue until at least midnight, leading to partial subway closures and suspended transportation services.

Additionally, there was a risk of landslides in mountainous areas, prompting the highest “black” rainstorm warning in two years. The government also warned about flooding in the northern New Territories district, bordering mainland China, due to Shenzhen releasing water from a reservoir. Shenzhen had record-breaking rainfall, causing transportation disruptions and school closures.