Chef Joseph Yoon, in New York City, leads the Brooklyn Bugs project. He believes insects are good to eat and good for the environment.

There are over 2,100 types of edible insects in the world, with flavors like nuts or citrus. Yoon wants to show people this new food and inspire insect recipes. About 2 billion people eat insects, but in some countries, people aren’t sure. However, insects are better for the environment. For example, crickets need much less food than regular animals. Yoon’s goal is to make eating insects normal everywhere. He wants to change the idea from “ew” to “yum”. To help, Yoon suggests adding insects to dishes, like putting crickets in rice or using cricket powder in cheese sauce. With products like the Chapul Cricket energy bar and more insect farms, this food idea is getting stronger. Yoon says everyone can help by eating insects, even just once a week. This will help the environment and benefit future generations.