In a recent development, Nona Biosciences and Lycia Therapeutics have joined forces in collaboration to discover new treatments for challenging diseases. Nona Biosciences, a global biotech company, is partnering with Lycia, known for its lysosomal targeting chimeras (LYTACs) platform. The goal is to find innovative treatments that break down proteins associated with difficult diseases. Through this partnership, Lycia will use Nona’s Harbour Mice® HCAb fully human antibody transgenic mice platform to identify new antibodies for its LYTAC protein degrader treatments. The collaboration aims to accelerate Lycia’s progress in creating these groundbreaking treatments. Dr. Jingsong Wang, Chairman of Nona Biosciences, and Dr. Steve Staben, Chief Scientific Officer of Lycia Therapeutics, are optimistic about the unique capabilities of LYTACs in addressing extracellular disease targets. The overarching goal is to use Nona Biosciences’ technology to discover treatments for patient groups often overlooked in medical research. Nona Biosciences, under HBM Holdings Limited, is a global biotech firm using Harbour Mice® technology to create human monoclonal antibodies for next-gen drugs. Partnering with Lycia Therapeutics, they aim to advance medical research and provide solutions for challenging diseases, emphasizing a commitment to underserved patient populations.