Nona Biosciences has just announced a team-up with Lycia Therapeutics, a top player in breaking down proteins outside cells. Lycia is using its lysosomal targeting chimeras (LYTACs) platform to find and create treatments that break down proteins linked to tough diseases. In this partnership, Lycia plans to use Nona’s Harbour Mice® HCAb fully human antibody transgenic mice platform to find new antibodies for its LYTAC protein degrader treatments. This collaboration, as explained by Jingsong Wang, M.D., Ph.D., Chairman of Nona Biosciences, is expected to speed up Lycia’s progress in creating innovative protein degrader treatments. Steve Staben, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Lycia Therapeutics, pointed out the unique abilities of LYTACs in dealing with tricky extracellular disease targets. The goal of the partnership is to use Nona Biosciences’ technology to find treatments for patient groups that often get overlooked.

Nona Biosciences, a global biotech company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of HBM Holdings Limited, offers complete solutions in biotech innovation. They cover everything from confirming the target to finding antibodies and doing preclinical research. Using the Harbour Mice® technology, which produces fully human monoclonal antibodies, Nona Biosciences is well-positioned globally to contribute to the development of groundbreaking next-gen drugs. The collaboration between Nona Biosciences and Lycia Therapeutics signifies a significant step toward addressing challenging diseases and providing hope for patients worldwide. The integration of cutting-edge technologies and the expertise of both companies hold promise for discovering effective treatments for diseases that currently lack satisfactory solutions, ultimately benefiting underserved patient populations.